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4 Cabot Safety Canada Ltd. (formerly AOCO Ltd.)

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3.png Enterprise Information (企业资料):

  • Company Name (公司名称):
4 Cabot Safety Canada Ltd. (formerly AOCO Ltd.)
  • Country (国家/地区):
Canada (加拿大)
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  • More Info (补充说明):
4 Cabot Safety Canada Ltd. (formerly AOCO Ltd.) is an international purchaser taking part the canton fair in China, it's from Canada and need to buy products of Home Decor, Watch Glasses etc. categories. (该公司是一家参加中国广东交易会的国际采购商,来自加拿大,需要购买的产品类别包括:家居装饰品、钟表眼镜等。)

2.png Contact Method (联系方式):

  • Contact Person (联系人员):
  • Telephone (电话号码):
001 416 795 0700
  • Fax Number (传真号码):
001 416 479 4566
  • Address (办公地址):
80 Centurian Drive Markham, ONTARIO
  • Postal Code (邮政编码):
  • Email (电子邮件):
  • Website (网站网址):

0.png Purchase Category (采购类别):

  • Industry Category (行业分类):
Home Decor (家居装饰品)
Watch Glasses (钟表眼镜)
  • Procurement of Products (采购产品):
  • Buy Data (购买数据):
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4.png Country Industry (各地分类):

Home Decor Category

1. Australia Home Decor

2. Bangladesh Home Decor

3. China Home Decor

4. Canada Home Decor

5. France Home Decor

6. Germany Home Decor

7. Hong Kong Home Decor

8. India Home Decor

9. Indonesia Home Decor

10. Iran Home Decor

11. Italy Home Decor

12. Japan Home Decor

13. Republic of Korea Home Decor

14. Macau Home Decor

15. Malaysia Home Decor

16. New Zealand Home Decor

17. Pakistan Home Decor

18. Russia Home Decor

19. Saudi Arabia Home Decor

20. Singapore Home Decor

21. South Africa Home Decor

22. Spain Home Decor

23. Taiwan Home Decor

24. Turkey Home Decor

25. United Kingdom Home Decor

26. United States Home Decor

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